Not sure where I'm headed, but I'm on my way

We have a really strong friendship now. I am glad it worked out that way. There was never a ‘no fraternising’ rule on Skins. Jack’s doing well and we give each other advice when we’re thinking over roles.

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Favorite celebrities → Jack O’Connell

I used to have to fight for survival, then I met Angie. Now I’m coasting a little more. I prefer this.

I must say I find that girl utterly delightful. Flat as a board, enormous birthmark in the shape of Mexico over half her face, sweating for hours on end in that sweltering kitchen while Mendl (genius though he is) looms over her like a hulking gorilla - yet without question, without fail, always, and invariably: she’s exceedingly lovely. Why? Because of her purity. - The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014, dir. by Wes Anderson)

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New Pictures of Saoirse Ronan from Wonderland Magazine